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Over the past fifteen years, the electrical demand in homes and the complexity of residential wiring and circuitry have effectively doubled. And when the power goes out as it often does in Southwest Florida, our homes become mere walls and windows with nonworking appliances and systems. Charging stations, computers, and larger entertainment centers have placed higher demand than ever on residential electrical systems. For your home’s electrical system in Southwest Florida, you want to have the best licensed professional electricians in Hendry, Glades, Lee, Charlotte, Collier, Highlands & DeSoto Counties to work on it—in other words, the team at Beck Home Services—no matter what your electrical needs are.

Without power, there’s no AC, ceiling fans or refrigerator-freezer, keeping everything inside nice and chilly. Fortunately, the expert electricians at Beck Home Services are licensed and specially trained in all types of electrical system repairs and maintenance. If you have chronic power issues, even if they’re limited to one room or part of the house, have our professional electricians diagnose the problem. Faulty wiring is never a do-it-yourself repair.

Home Automation & Electrical Installations in Hendry, Glades, Lee, Charlotte, Collier, Highlands & DeSoto Counties

Smart technologies have made residential electrical systems and electrical panels more intricate and complicated than ever before. Home automation allows homeowners to control their lights, locks, windows, doors, temperature and appliances remotely, using a mobile device like a tablet or smart phone. All of that functionality requires an electrical and electronic infrastructure that Beck Home Services is experienced and licensed to design and install.

The expert electricians at Beck Home Services have the electrical service training and capabilities to make your home in Southwest Florida as comfortable and advanced as you want it. Talk to us about comfort enhancements like attic fans, ceiling fans, central vacuum systems, home security systems, home theaters and lighting.

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