Expert Roofing Services in Hendry, Glades, Lee, Charlotte,
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At Beck Companies, we believe the roof of your home must be resilient to all the extreme moisture, wind, rain and heat that paradise can throw at it. The roof should not only shield the home from the elements, but also help moderate indoor temperatures for enhanced comfort. And lastly, it should add beauty and character to the design of your home. While many homeowners focus on the aesthetics and durability of the material used (metal, concrete tile, clay tile, slate or wood shake), the underlayment—the waterproof barrier applied directly to your roof deck—provides crucial multiple layers of protection that roofing alone can’t match.

In 2018, we acquired Bryant Roofing, a renowned roofing contractor (now a division of Beck Companies) based in LaBelle. This gives us the capability to construct, repair, update and inspect roofs of all types with the highest quality materials applied using cutting-edge techniques, whether they’re flat, pitched, gabled or hip. And we are always expanding our roofing resources to meet the growing demand of our loyal clients. You and your roof are Better With Beck!

Skilled, Licensed Roof Repair & Maintenance in Hendry, Glades, Lee, Charlotte, Collier, Highlands & DeSoto Counties

With preventive maintenance and proactive repairs by Beck Companies, you can extend the lifetime of your roof immeasurably. In addition to the new roof systems we design and install, we suggest homeowners have us inspect their roofs after major weather events or similar incidents for damage. It’s no different than having a doctor check you after a slip and fall, just to make sure there’s no internal injury or bodily damage that would only be discovered in a medical exam. We never replace a roof without a thorough, no-cost inspection by our licensed experts.

If we do discover damage, we will provide a comprehensive estimate and discuss your repair options free of charge. Contact us today about re-roofing options—such as a metal roof with a 30-year warranty.

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Commercial Roofing Services in Hendry, Glades, Lee,
Charlotte, Collier, Highlands & DeSoto Counties

Roofs on commercial and industrial buildings (as well as those on multifamily communities, hotels and similar structures) pose unique challenges above and beyond those of single-family homes. Our experienced, licensed roofing technicians employ cutting-edge materials and methods to ensure the integrity of your roof, property and everything inside it is protected. Contact us today for a free consultation and estimate for a commercial roof installation, inspection, maintenance or repair.

Modern Services is now BETTER WITH BECK!

Modern Services has served Southwest Florida with home-systems maintenance, installation, sales and repairs since 1965. This trusted brand has joined Beck Companies and will perform all air-conditioning, heating, plumbing and electrical services for us.


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